Archiving Policy

This policy outlines the procedures for archiving and preserving the published content of the "Journal of Technological Information, Management & Engineering Science" (the Journal). We are committed to ensuring long-term access to our valuable scholarly content for researchers, academics, and the general public.

2. Archiving Format

All published articles, including text, figures, tables, and supplementary materials, will be archived in multiple formats:

  • Portable Document Format (PDF): This widely supported format ensures accessibility across different platforms and software.
  • eXtensible Markup Language (XML): This structured format facilitates future conversion and digital preservation efforts.
  • Plain Text: This basic format guarantees long-term readability even with potential software obsolescence.

3. Archiving Location

The archived content will be stored in the following locations:

  • Internal Repository: The Journal will maintain a secure internal repository for all archived materials.
  • External Repositories: The Journal will deposit the archived content in at least two external repositories, such as CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS) or Portico, which are dedicated to digital archiving and preservation.

4. Access and Preservation

  • Access: The Journal will strive to provide long-term, open access to the archived content, following any applicable open access policies.
  • Preservation: The Journal will regularly monitor and update the archived content to ensure its integrity and accessibility over time. We will also adopt appropriate technological measures to safeguard against data loss or corruption.

5. Review and Updates

This Archiving Policy will be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect any changes in technology, best practices, or the Journal's policies.