Withdrawal Policy

This policy outlines the process for authors to withdraw their manuscripts from the "Journal of Technological Information, Management & Engineering Science" (JTIMES) after submission but before publication.

Reasons for Withdrawal:

Authors may withdraw their manuscripts for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Discovery of errors or significant flaws in the research
  • Identification of ethical concerns
  • Duplicate publication submitted elsewhere
  • Decision to submit the manuscript to another journal
  • Collaboration issues among authors

Stages of Withdrawal:

  1. Before Initial Review: Authors may withdraw their manuscripts without penalty at any time before the initial review process begins. This can be done by simply contacting the journal editor through the submission system or by email.
  2. During Initial Review: Once the initial review process has begun, authors may still withdraw their manuscripts, but doing so may incur administrative fees to cover processing costs. The amount of the fee will be determined by the journal and communicated to the author upon request.
  3. After Initial Review: Manuscripts undergoing peer review or revision cannot be withdrawn. If the author wishes to make significant changes after these stages, they will need to resubmit the manuscript as a new submission.

Withdrawal Procedure:

To withdraw a manuscript, authors must submit a formal request to the journal editor. The request should include:

  • Title of the manuscript
  • Corresponding author's name and email address
  • Reason for withdrawal
  • Confirmation that all co-authors agree to the withdrawal

The journal editor will acknowledge the withdrawal request and confirm the next steps.

Consequences of Withdrawal:

Withdrawing a manuscript after the initial review stage may result in delays in publication for other authors in the issue. Additionally, repeated withdrawals may affect an author's future submissions to JTIMES.